“Malayan Colleges Mindanao Is The First School In Mindanao To Partner With SAGE Through YMCA Davao And Makati”

(Editor’s Note: Original article first appeared on the MCM Website. Access the original article here.)

Malayan Colleges Mindanao, A Mapúa School, is the first school in Mindanao to partner with the School of Agility, Grit, and Entrepreneurship (SAGE) through YMCA of Davao, Inc. & Makati, bringing an interactive Masterclass to our students as aspiring entrepreneurs, taught personally by renowned CEOs from all over the globe.

Students from the Senior High School department, Alfonso T. Yuchengco College of Business, as well as some faculty members, signed up to be SAGE Scholars for Season 5 of the SAGE Masterclass Program—grabbing the opportunity to take nine courses and learning from leading entrepreneurs from the United States of America, United Kingdom, Nigeria, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, and more.

In the SAGE Masterclass Program, the business world is brought to the students virtually as champions of the game share different perspectives, insights, and lessons, telling stories of how they began and where they are now as founders of their businesses. The speakers were able to share personal experiences about their business journeys and discuss key trends and highlights in entrepreneurship, such as learning how and why businesspersons will invest in startups, how to deliver an elevator pitch, finding happiness and purpose with oneself, mentoring people with great potential, and more.

“Having the opportunity to be one of the scholars for the SAGE Masterclass Program Season 5 is definitely a great stepping stone towards reaching my goal to be fully-equipped and become future-ready as I have acquired so much knowledge from the nine Emerging Global Leaders who genuinely shared their experiences and significant contributions. Among all the things I have learned, there are these five statements that encompass everything. First, we define our own success. Second, ‘You can fail, but don’t quit.’ Third, keep the hustle and be agile. Fourth, be a risk-taker and, lastly, have a goal and purpose-driven mindset.” Ms. Thea Amor Valenzuela, a 1st Year BS Tourism Management student and SAGE scholar shared her insights upon finishing the program.

During the program, the students raised questions and shared insights to world-class businesspersons, grabbing a once in a lifetime opportunity to converse and receive advice from top players in entrepreneurship and other fields of expertise.

“As a student, I still have a lot to understand, discover, and improve. I believe these things are best learned from my experiences. Thus, this once in a lifetime opportunity will contribute to my growth by teaching me the important skills to develop that will serve as my weapon in facing different situations in life, most especially in disruptive times. It will also guide me in every plan and decision I make that will lead me to a thriving life and become a person who can also inspire and make a lasting impact on others. Furthermore, I can truly bring these lessons throughout my whole journey as a student, and even after I finished my studies because it indeed influenced me on how I perceive life when it comes to tough and challenging times. Most notably, upholding the belief that every struggle is an opportunity.”

After taking the nine courses, students graduate and are given the choice to proceed to the next level of the program. The next stages entail business conceptualization and business models, then eventually proceeding to gain access to SAGE’s wide network of successful international entrepreneurs, and then lastly have the chance to join the funding and mentorship program.

“As a very young Higher Education Institution, this is a milestone for Malayan Colleges Mindanao. The ability of Malayan Colleges Mindanao to provide world-class digital education complements seamlessly with SAGE’s digital platform and an impressive line-up of industry mentors. MCM and SAGE share a similar vision, in building the mindset and skills of students to increase success in entrepreneurship. The eventual winners of this partnership are the students.” Dr. Jose Paolo Mack, Dean of the Alfonso T. Yuchengco College of Business, stated.

Malayan Colleges Mindanao is cementing its identity and making itself known as a professional institution that delivers world-class education, by partnering with organizations that are motivated to extend its expertise to the roots of Mindanao and its youth, to produce exceptional graduates who are locally and globally in-demand.

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