Partnership between TAR UC and SAGE strengthens by Youth Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in Malaysia

By Jeanne Arieta

“We hope to have a very powerful collaboration with SAGE.” –Dr. Oo Pou San

“I’m surprised that within just a short period of time, we’ve been able to come up with something that we all agree on — how to move forward and so on.”-Dr. Lee Sze Wei, President, TAR UC

Last April 15, 2021, the much-awaited virtual Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) signing between two organizations SAGE and TAR UC has finally taken place.

Tunku Abdul Rahman University College or TAR UC has crossed its borders in bringing excellence beyond education to its students through partnering with the School of Agility Grit and Entrepreneurship. The partnership is in line to the university’s mandate which is to compel a combination of education and excellence through their programs which are professionally driven, industry-relevant, and entrepreneurship-focused. 

“Entrepreneurship is one of the key aspects of our Beyond Education philosophy. Entrepreneurship is not something that we can teach in the classroom.. It is not something that you prepare students for an examination — it’s more than that.” -Dr. Lee Sze Wei, President, TAR UC

For the past 52 years, TAR UC has produced global graduates (approx. 210,000) who have a high graduate employability rate who are scaled and diversified. As they aspire to provide a learning experience that is beyond knowledge and skills, the university continues to do its best in providing opportunities for growth in its students through its recent partnership with us. In line with this, SAGE will be providing the best and tested curriculum designed for aspiring entrepreneurs, powerful global speakers, business ideation workshops, and incubation of ideas. 

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