Donald Lim, Dann De Guzman, and Roger Collantes Join Forces in Luna Academy x SAGE Partnership

By Angelee L. Carandang | May 11, 2021

May 5, 2021 marks the date Luna Academy officially partners with the School of Agility Grit and Entrepreneurship (SAGE) to provide a broad range of new online learning and training programs for their network of existing and upcoming students.

Dr. Donald Patrick Lim is the Chief Operating Officer of DITO CME, and the Chief Innovation Officer of the Udenna Corporation. He has served in various leadership capacities in the media, advertising, and digital spaces, having been the:

🔹️ Country CEO of Dentsu Aegis Philippines,

🔹️ Chief Digital Officer of ABS-CBN Corporation,

🔹️ Managing Director of MRM Manila, and

🔹️ CEO of Yehey Corporation and Media Contacts Manila. 

Considered one of the founding fathers of digital marketing in the Philippines, Donald has been awarded by various institutions and organizations, his most recent being awarded The Outstanding Young Men (TOYM) Award for Community Building in Digital Media.

Dann Angelo De Guzman is one of the youngest tech entrepreneurs in the Philippines. Dann built Cloudswyft – a software (SaaS) company that takes the pioneering role for Cloud-based IT assessment and training. They are backed by the Australian VC firm, Future Now Ventures, Kellet Mornings HK, and one of the largest IT Distribution companies in the Philippines, Wordtext Systems, Inc. Group. They offer a unique solution highlighting cloud-based hands-on labs technology for performance-based and practical technology skills learning, driving industry skills of the future such as fields in:

🔹️ Data Science,

🔹️ Big Data,

🔹️ Machine Learning,

🔹️ AI,

🔹️ Cloud,

🔹️ DevOps,

🔹️ Data Analysis,

🔹️ Cybersecurity,

🔹️ Internet of Things,

🔹️ Software Development and more.

Roger Collantes is a best-selling author (“Beyond Survival”) and international keynote speaker, multi-awarded talent developer and senior executive coach, award-winning startup founder and serial entrepreneur, with 30 years of experience as a Global Learning Innovator, Transformation Leadership Expert and Business Growth Mentor. He founded/co-founded 5 pioneering EduTech Startups as:

🔹️ Founder & CEO of Asian Institute of Digital Transformation (Singapore, Philippines & Malaysia),

🔹️ Founder & CEO of Global Learning Solutions (Singapore, Hong Kong & Philippines),

🔹️ Master Franchisee & CEO of MindChamps International Preschools (Singapore & Philippines),

🔹️ Co-Founder & CEO of Smarter Robotics (Singapore, Philippines & Malaysia), and 

🔹️ Co-Founder & CEO of the School of Agility, Grit and Entrepreneurship (Singapore, Philippines & Malaysia).

Together, these three powerhouse industry players have joined hands to seal a partnership between Luna Academy and SAGE. Their experience and expertise combined ensure only excellence and authenticity in their mission to provide high quality, relevant and cost-effective future-ready skills training and certifications via a customized online education platform tailored to the local Philippines market.

Luna Academy and SAGE are excited to see the revolution that is about to happen in their unified effort to shape and improve educational technology in the Philippines, especially in empowering all Filipinos with the future-ready skills and credentials necessary to thrive in the twenty-first-century economy. 🚀

If you’d like to learn more about SAGE, you can visit our website

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